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Dr. Raymond Greenlaw's
Diving Page

Dr. Raymond Greenlaw is an active PADI Dive Instructor and has been diving for over twenty years. Raymond has diving insurance, his own equipment, and is a member of the Diver's Alert Network. Raymond holds many different diving certifications, and is qualified to teach many different diving subjects. He is interested in dive mastering/instructing for special trips or to spell a Dive Instructor/Master at a resort for a few weeks. He can usually go anywhere in the world and fill in for a Dive Instructor/Master on short notice. Raymond is excellent in working with people of all cultures, ages, and backgrounds; he is an outstanding communicator; he has vast experience from nearly 30 years of serving as a professor. Raymond speaks Thai well and can speak some Spanish. Long ago he spoke German, French, and Italian pretty well. Raymond is flexible and has traveled on all 7 continents visiting over 160 countries/territories and over 175 (groups of) islands. He is also an endurance athelete having completed many marathons, hundred-mile runs, Ironman triatlons, thru-hikes of the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide Trails, the Via Dinarica White Trail, the fastest hike across Thailand, marathon swims, and the hardest bicycle race in the world: RAAM (the Race Across America).

Raymond has dove and snorkeled all over the world on six continents, and in many remote and interesting locations, including lots of hard to get to islands ... Raymond lives in Thailand. Raymond prefers two-week to four-week stints where he can assist an organziation, resort, or group with its dive mastering needs. Raymond can also make presentations about a wide range of diving topics and about a vast number of diving locations. Raymond's fee page describes the types of arrangements that Raymond can consider working under and his travel page discusses travel arrangements.

Dr. Raymond Greenlaw: 1704 Tipton Drive; Crofton, MD 21114
Contact: raymond(period)greenlaw(at)gmail(period)com